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Shawana Ramsey, founder and CEO of Bee The Boss, is passionate about connecting people with valuable job opportunities. As a mother who lost her teaching job during the pandemic, Shawana understands how difficult it can be to find work that aligns with your areas of expertise.


The pandemic drastically altered the workforce, making certain jobs higher priority than others. As a result, many people found themselves stuck with skillsets that are no longer valued as they used to be.

Worker expectations have changed, too. Millions of people discovered that working from home allowed them to save money on commuting, spend more time with their families, and find a healthy work-life balance.

Even as an experienced educator with a Biology degree and a US Army retiree, Shawana had trouble finding a position that offered the kind of mutually beneficial relationship she was looking for – an organization that valued her unique skillset while offering flexibility and fair compensation. So, she decided to create the position for herself and anyone else that is looking for the same thing.

Bee The Boss is a virtual call center that Shawana founded to empower people with the ability to work from home, set their own hours, and manage themselves. Shawana’s goal with Bee The Boss is to give people the opportunity to earn a steady, reliable source of income and provide

for their families.

Finally, you can Bee The Boss, too!



and more...


Can I pick my own hours to work?

Yes! Once you have completed training and the sign on process, you can schedule your own work hours.


Is there any job training?

Yes! Each opportunity will offer detailed training to prepare you before work. The length of training varies depending on company.


Will I need to go through a hiring process?

No! Once you have completed all sign on steps and get admitted into the call center, you’re in! You will then be able to select an opportunity of your choice and begin the necessary training.


Will I receive W2 tax forms?

No! You are considered an independent worker so you’ll be receiving a 1099 tax form for all income earned.


Age requirements?

18 years or older.


Is there a fee?

To join Bee The Boss Online Staffing platform is 100% free. However, depending on the opportunity you choose there may be a course/training fee.

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